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Licenses details for Atlassian products

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Be sure to update your GoEdit App to the most recent version. There have been license synchronization and format issues in the past, that have been fixed. This could be a cause for your issues.

General license information

The GoEdit App does need to sorts of licenses.

  • GoEdit App License: This is the usual marketplace license you always get when buying a app from the atlassian marketplace

  • GoEdit Client License: This is a special license you get after you bought the GoEdit App from the marketplace

GoEdit App License issues

Usually the app license, coming from the Atlassian Marketplace directly, does not cause any issues . You need to ensure your App license matches the platform tier. In most cases, this is not the cause of your issue

GoEdit Client License issues

To retrieve the GoEdit Client License you have 3 options

  1. Direct: Direct server to server license synchronization. This means you Atlassian server talks to our license server and gets the license automatically. See our our manual for more details

  2. Browser: Synchronization is done via the admin user browser. If your Atlassian server is firewalled, but you are allowed to access the internet, this method will synchronize the license using your browser. See our manual for more details

  3. Offline: You will need to create a offline-license request on GoEdit Offline License Signup

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